Freitag, Mai 16, 2008


you were born in 1993.

you became a part of my life in 2001.
you were a very good friend - i could trust you and build on you.
you did a very good job - no breakdown and no accident in 7 years.
on your 15th birthday it's time for you to leave me, sorry, you're too old for me.
the new owner told me you probably go to africa - have a save journey! hope you are treated nicely and work as fantastic as in the past years.

Donnerstag, Mai 15, 2008

too short!!



too short!!

*sniff* don't like it at all (look like a dog)! ;(
btw: the curls only occur when my hair is air-dried. sometimes it's also very straight.


1,50 euro for 1 litre of petrol!

Montag, Mai 12, 2008

it's beach time

it has been like summer for one week - we have higher temperatures than southern europe right now.
...i wasn't as brave as most of the others, the water was still too cold for me - no swimming.

Samstag, Mai 10, 2008

Montag, Mai 05, 2008