Dienstag, Juli 31, 2007

german living room

urgh. i know some german living rooms that look like that. terrible! how can some people really like that?

only artificial flowers are even worse. my home does not look like that!
hey, let's make a tagging-thing "show me your (german) living room" out of it. and i know whom i tag: tina! tina, please present us your living room. don't worry, it can only be a very tiny picture or just one detail from the room like a cupboard you like most or so.
boar, is das schrecklich. leider habe ich auch schon einige dieser wohnzimmer sehen müssen!
was könnte noch schlimmer sein als das? wahrscheinlich, wenn in dem zimmer auch noch künstliche blumen ständen *schüttel*. aber wie sieht es im rest der republik aus? also hab ich mir überlegt, dass man doch ein stöckchen daraus machen könnte. und das erste deutsche wohnzimmer, das ich sehen möchte, ist das von tina. bitte, bitte, tina, gib uns einen einblick in dein wz. falls du gerade nicht aufgeräumt hast, kannst du uns natürlich auch nur ein detail deines wz zeigen, wie z.b. einen schrank oder tisch, den du besonders magst oder mach das foto einfach ganz klein. hast du das stöckchen gefangen?


it's becoming legendary. although i do not possess a tv, we are happy to have a digital video projector (we have our own now) which is MUCH better than a tv!! so from time to time i invite family and/or friends to join my "beamer" show (mix of german and english) and we watch dvds, look at photos and so on. one of those days was today and it's always fun to see how people get excited when they see this big picture beamed on a wall... and it makes you tired... good night!
da wir glückliche besitzer eines beamers (und nicht-besitzer eines fernsehers) sind, hatte ich heute wieder einen meiner mittlerweile legendären beamer-abende. von zeit zu zeit lade ich familie/freunde ein und wir gucken dvds oder schauen einfach urlaubsfotos etc. an. und irgendwie ist es für die meisten leute doch noch etwas besonderes, wenn so ein bild an die wand gebeamt wird, witzig. hach, so ein heim-kino ist schon was schönes!

Montag, Juli 30, 2007


using one of the new blogger features, you can now find a poll on my page. media floods us with climate change reports. what's your opinion? please vote.

...here it's still raining and raining.
so, ich teste jetzt einfach mal das neue blogger-feature und habe eine umfrage in mein blog gestellt. glaubt ihr, dass jetzt tatsächlich schon ein klimawandel stattfindet, so wie es uns die dt. medien eintrichtern wollen oder seid ihr gegenteiliger meinung? ganz oben in der rechten taskleiste könnt ihr abstimmen.

summer nights

saturday evening/night we had a light spectacle on one of the urban lakes here. the night boating was my favourite.

cycling disaster

the winner of the tour de france was doped, everybody knows it but still, contador is the winner and spain takes the whole world for a ride. abolish the tour de france!

alberto contador stand doch nun eindeutig auf der fuentes-dopingliste. wie kann man so einen denn dann zum tour de france sieger erklären? *kopfschüttel*

Freitag, Juli 27, 2007

what the world eats II

now TIME presents another 11 countries (part I)

and again: do you feel represented?

Donnerstag, Juli 26, 2007

sunny home

and as it's summer, my home's full of sunflowers

it's summer

the last two weeks have been without posts. the reason for it: it's summer. and that means sun and swimming... and it still goes on... i'm off in a few minutes.

Mittwoch, Juli 25, 2007

wordless wednesday

dedicated to the great artist alex katz on his 80th birthday
oil on canvas

here: choconet meets the wife of the artist (moma, nyc)

wordless wednesday

Dienstag, Juli 24, 2007

bungi II

...yes of course bungi, you can use it as your profile picture :) ...anyway, thanks for asking. i had the idea myself to write choconet and use it for qui es-tu? but for now i decided to take a real picture of me... i'm sure i'll change it soon to something else.

two options
(i recreated it and changed the initial letter into a capital letter)
...hope you like it that way

Mittwoch, Juli 11, 2007

just for you, bungi

chocolate with raisins inside, i thought that must be something for you!

Dienstag, Juli 10, 2007

wordless wednesday

no time for greeting

with regard to the last comments, watch this 10-minute-video on cnn. michael moore attacks cnn/wolf blitzer in "the situation room" and talks about u.s. healthcare and his new film "sicko".

Samstag, Juli 07, 2007

bulls run in spain

i like traditions. that is just something, i cannot understand.

"They don't know what they're doing; bulls can kill," said Ruben Munoz, 24, from Madrid, who has run with the bulls during each of the last five years. "I do it for the adrenaline and because I feel liberated." (source: cnn).
aha. *bigquestionmarkinmyhead* do you feel liberated with bulls behind you who might kill you? i don't see where the fun is torturing animals. and the 10,000 spectators are not better - they're waiting for the first person who gets gored (a few hours ago it was an australian man).
today was the first day of the "festival" and already more thn 100 people were injured. since 1924 13 people have died. i don't want to know how many have been injured during that time and how many bulls were killed. stupid tradition.

running of the bulls in pictures

Freitag, Juli 06, 2007

more links

angie gave me the idea that you could tell me more labels/designers (and link it, if possible) that you like or which are similar to my favourites. thank you.

german design

i'm also fond of the german home designs e.g. by siemens, wmf and asa (most of my dishes are from asa).


not to forget all those cushions, tablerunners, bedclothes e.g. by södahl.

scandinavian design

i have a preference for scandinavian design.

"pingu design" *g* i love e.g. the products of golla, stelton or iittala. scandinavian home design is just the best. ikea is another story.

for my little nephew

Mittwoch, Juli 04, 2007

wordless wednesday

have a smiling wordless wednesday!

Dienstag, Juli 03, 2007

summerly new

*wohoo* have a new header... this was long overdue as we have summer now... the snowdrops might come back next year... actually i'm looking for a more choco-ly header but my camera is not very good and i haven't found a good photo scene yet... and i'm also not content with my "about me" photo (looks strange). anyway, i'll keep my eyes open.

in german margerite and english marguerite but why is the second name oxeye daisy? daisy ok but oxeye... do oxen have yellow eyes?
other names: dog daisy, moon daisy
my current bouquet
(from my mom's garden)

not yellow

create your own simpson avatar here my bf and me
...can't wait to watch the movie


space shuttle atlantis
2006-09-09 close to the kennedy space center, florida, usa
*cough* i missed the start...


kennedy space center