Mittwoch, Mai 30, 2007

Dienstag, Mai 29, 2007

mörike's spring

this is a popular german spring poem by eduard mörike.
"spring, yes, it's you!"

miss universe

no, the title does not refer to the picture! this post is just a foretaste of what will come in one of the next posts cos I was tagged by stine in the early morning today to write down my favourite restaurants/meals. the photo just shows me with a packet of cake from the bakery to make all those thin girls jealous what they miss out! all those yummy calories…ok, i’m young and it’s easy for me to talk like that, maybe in a few years this will be different…

to come back to the cake, this is what i bought for my afternoon tea today:
-"Bienenstich" - "honeybee-sting" (on top carmelised with butter-sugar-almonds)
-an ordinary strawberry-cream-cake
-and the last one is "Donauwelle" with sour cherries - "donau" is a river in germany and "welle" means wave. look at the photo and you'll understand it.
…and of course, choconet eats all this with a hot chocolate!

do you have any of those cakes in your country?

the new miss universe is from japan. not that I’m interested in those miss things but who I admire is the lady from sweden who said “no, I’m not gonna walk out in this bikini and quit” (anyway, probably just pr) and who I admire even more is the lady from tansania who got the shortest haircut ever… and to declare my solidarity with her, I’ll go to a hairdresser this week and…well … photos will follow… you little curious bloggers!

why do all those "misses" have long hair?????

Montag, Mai 28, 2007


technically i have to do a presentation but practically i'm not in the mood for it.

then i decided to go out playing volleyball but the weather upset my plan and i had to rearrange it. so i did what i always do when being purposeless - going out for dinner.
now i'm home again and still not in the mood for work. solution: watching videos.

shuttle launch

last year in september i've been to the kennedy space center in florida, usa. and now i'd like to go there again to ride this new attraction.

Sonntag, Mai 27, 2007


i'm ill.

ich bin krank. *jammer*

Mittwoch, Mai 23, 2007

my first wordless wednesday

this sculpture by henry moore in the dutch hoge veluwe national park reminded me of the english yorkshire sculpture park (i've been there twice so far and i will definitely go there again), where all sculptures are created by henry moore. should you visit england accidentally (or intentionally) one day, visit this park - it's worth it and FREE!
well, this post is not completely wordless but was created for wordless wednesday

Dienstag, Mai 22, 2007

car accident acquaintance

yesterday, the woman, who hit my car last monday, came to my house and we had a nice evening, chatting and enjoying ourselves. what a pleasant acquaintance! more car accidents, please! :o)

gestern bekam ich besuch von der frau, die letzten montag mein auto gerammt hatte. wir hatten einen schönen abend zusammen, das könnte wiederholt werden...ähäm... das treffen meine ich... nicht den unfall. *g*

Montag, Mai 21, 2007


light show in the hoge veluwe national park, netherlands


the netherlands are a perfect place for cycling: flat and equipped with lots of cyling lanes wherever you look (sometimes even two-laned) and car drivers who pay attention - a real paradise and big contrast to germany. here (at least in this region) you always have to be afraid of being hit by a car. anyway, here are photos from our cycling tour in the hoge veluwe national park:coming!

sculpture by henry moore

Sonntag, Mai 20, 2007

kasteel doornenburg

our first visit on friday morning was kasteel doornenburg.

van buren

our trip to the netherlands: after a short nap in our hotel just behind the german border we headed to den bosch to see a concert (armin van buren). this was located where you can see the star.

Mittwoch, Mai 16, 2007

away again

will be away again for the next couple of days - off to the netherlands. *yay*
...which means that i need to get up in 6 hours. good night ev'rybody. cu soon

very clever

it's very clever not having a charged battery for your laptop when you have a presentation the next day and need to prepare something on your computer in the evening but you cannot because you have to switch it off due to a thunderstorm (we had a lot recently and they lasted very long - with hail).

[note for me: always charge battery after watching movies with your laptop.]

traces of hail

Dienstag, Mai 15, 2007

the run

the kenyan winners of the half marathon
short showerthe drummers cheering us up
pasta party the day before

monday morning

2 am: my silky-smooth bedclothes won’t let me sleep – it’s too slippy *sleepless*
3-4 am: what a thunderstorm! *sleepless*
7.20 am: someone drove against my parked car
i love monday mornings!

Samstag, Mai 12, 2007


i've just been to a noodle-party where you could eat as much noodles as you wanted (needed to be a participant of the run tomorrow) and after that, the winner of a photo competition (you should send in a great picture of your city) was announced. and it was: my boyfriend who won the first prize which means 1000€! ONE THOUSAND EURO!! *happy* *waitingforthenewspaperarticles*
wish me good luck for the run... (starts at 10am)

Freitag, Mai 11, 2007


whenever you leave the city behind you these days, you see yellow.
german rape-seed fields


what's going on? is kyrill out there again?

Dienstag, Mai 08, 2007


going to the supermarket and buying cheap strawberries from spain is easy (not mentioning that i don't like the taste of them). here and here (example articles) you'll find why i don't buy them.
now i have the first strawberry from my balcony and mmh... never wanna eat something else.

Montag, Mai 07, 2007


we've been waiting for weeks for it and now it's finally here - the rain. how fresh the air suddenly is. nature needed it so desperately. and we'll even have more during the next days. maybe till saturday. and on sunday is THE run. i'm going to run the distance tomorrow (hopefully without stitches in the side).

Sonntag, Mai 06, 2007

jogging refreshment

ice cream is my daily snack in the afternoon. and it's particularly yummy after jogging, right sarawu?

Samstag, Mai 05, 2007


watched the first two seasons of "lost" in only two days. anyone able to keep up with me?
here's a good parody on lost.

Donnerstag, Mai 03, 2007


lying outside in the sun with an ice-cream and wireless lan. i'm in the lap of luxury. *sigh* life can be so wonderful.

Mittwoch, Mai 02, 2007


stolberg in saxony-anhalt


did you notice that it was the second time i've been to thuringia in a month? it is a nice bundesland (state) indeed and worth a visit any time. here are some more pics.

wasserburg heldrungen (12th century)


the water temperature was already above 24 °C. what a shame i had no swimsuit with me.


what else did i do at the weekend? i visited the kyffhäuser monument (1890-1896).

emperor wilhelm I (known as barbarossa)

Dienstag, Mai 01, 2007

walpurgis night

the walpurgis night in the harz mountains is the best and that's why i travelled to thale - the place with the most famous witches dancing place - to celebrate the arrival of spring (or summer??). fortunately, when i arrived in the afternoon, there was a bus to the top because it's still hot in germany (the evenings still cold).

as you can see it was full of devils and witches.

at midnight, they played the scene "walpurgisnacht" from j.w. von goethe's "faust part one" with a lasershow and fireworks.