Donnerstag, November 22, 2007

i'm in ohio

work eats me but i'm fine.

Montag, November 19, 2007

no sleep

i drop sleeping. no time. have to sort out some things.
travelling in autumn is silly - you just need too many clothes. when i put 6 thick pullovers in my suitcase it's nearly full.
and: how will i survive 6 weeks in the same hotel room? does anyone have experiences?

@sarawu: tonight, i was at my stand-in's house and guess who else lives there? sandra p. it's a pretty cool house with lots of alternative people. will tell you more about that later. :)

ready for ohio

in the afternoon: university
in the evening: work
after work: meeting with my stand-in at work
after that: packing
after that: a few hours sleep
in the morning: frankfurt-toronto-cleveland

cu in ohio!

Sonntag, November 18, 2007

cable scarf

to stay warm during the ohio winter i found something in the esprit shop, which is scarf as well as cap. very practical and looks like this:

one of the esprit photos

little things for little people

i love buying little things for little people

Donnerstag, November 15, 2007

1st year

happy 1st birthday, little nephew!

Mittwoch, November 14, 2007


Montag, November 12, 2007

Sonntag, November 11, 2007

find the differences

one of the views from one of my windows
two weeks ago


spot the differences

[click to increase]

Samstag, November 10, 2007

the last one

i suppose that's the last red strawberry for this year.

Freitag, November 09, 2007

a cheer for the euro

the weak dollar offers me great shopping possibilities in the u.s. happy me! *g*

communication problem

my mobile phone doesn't work the way it should. during the last days i had problems receiving text messages, frankly: i didn't get any. first i wondered, why people didn't write back. then big s. called me twice why i'm not at the concerted place and so on. now i found ou that some of my messages arrived, others not. ? at that time i knew something was wrong. i still don't know what's going on, maybe my mobile wants a new sim-card.
but not only that i missed meetings, i also couldn't pick up my mum who waited at the train station and who then had to take a taxi. :(

dark and cold

today was a very dark and cold day with sleet and storms. a good day for a cosy afternoon at home with a hot chocolate, candles and a dvd.

a few days ago, big s. and i had a sunny paddleboat afternoon. time flies. but i'm happy to live in a country with four seasons. you never get bored by the weather.

Mittwoch, November 07, 2007

the first

snow. today. only a few minutes.


more cat and turtle here

Montag, November 05, 2007

chocolate that's healthier than apples?

choxi+ by prostat (picture)
- read about the healthy chocolate here
- £1.99 per 70g or 75g bar
- choxi+ contains higher levels of antioxidants than any other food

choconets goes wild

choconet - the lio-gib-iger-tortoise what's wild about me?
African Lion mane - Looking good! Male African lions use their thick, dark manes to attract mates. well, i'm female but that doesn't matter. my family and boyfriend sometimes tell me that i look like a lion because of my wild hair.
Gibbon arms - Your Gibbon arms are designed especially for swinging in trees. With these arms you can jump distances of over 20 feet from branch to branch. they looked most human-like. i think that's useful.
Siberian tiger legs - You are a very hairy tiger. Siberian tigers have thicker and longer hair than most tigers because they live in Siberia, where average temperatures get as low as -5ºF. Good thing you have a warm coat. and i'm fast.
Radiated tortoise shell - Why is your Radiated tortoise shell shaped like a dome? Scientists think the shell's shape helps tortoises flip over whenever they get stuck on their back. i have a tortoise myself and this shell is quite useful as well - you always come back down to earth.

what's wild about you?

Sonntag, November 04, 2007

him again

he now peed on our doormat - i think he really likes us.

chocolicious teddy cookie

for big s. - the big teddy

Samstag, November 03, 2007