Dienstag, Mai 01, 2012

it's been a while

but summer is near ;)

Sonntag, September 13, 2009

oprah flashmob

i would love to take part in such a flashmob...

Donnerstag, Mai 21, 2009

i love playing

http://www.bontegames.com/ is a website i recently discovered and i just love it. nearly everyday a new game - i especially like the "how to escape the room" ones. or try this one first http://www.bartbonte.com/duck, not too difficult. i can spent evenings/nights playing and searching for the answer. yes, i'm a playgirl.

Mittwoch, Mai 20, 2009

mushroom smile

see what big s. discovered on my frozen pizza!
have a wonderful wednesday!

Donnerstag, Mai 14, 2009

a perm? no, thanks

yesterday, i had a dress rehearsal for a tv film which will be shot in my city. it's a film in the 80ies, so everyone got an odd haircut and so did i. when the make-up artist saw my hair she was delighted with the natural curls. a few minutes later i had some curlers in my hair and 15min later i just looked disastrous. meet grandma choconet:

smiling, she said to me: "say you like it or you get a perm!".
and so, in the end, i liked it.
looking forward to the day of shooting in june... but not the haircut and the clothes (a pink shirt and a pair of light blue jeans with a studded belt).

Mittwoch, März 18, 2009

leipzig bookfair

günter grass, peter esterhazy and t.c. boyle at the leipzig bookfair.

Dienstag, März 10, 2009


one of the big german supermarket chains sells "american food" this week, one of the products is "obama fingers". can you believe that?

Freitag, Januar 30, 2009

Freitag, Januar 16, 2009

7 weeks

after seven weeks in the u.s. (four weeks philadelphia, 3 weeks florida), i'm going back to germany today. i had a great time and i'm definitely coming back.
pictures might follow.

Donnerstag, Januar 15, 2009

latest movies

in two weeks i've seen 5 movies:

some movies haven't started yet in germany, so i can't tell any details.

shopping in the u.s.

is fun for a european.

Sonntag, Dezember 28, 2008

christmas in new york

is loud and full and not recommendable.

Mittwoch, Dezember 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Lots of Love from Philadelphia

Mittwoch, Dezember 10, 2008

bush in philadelphia

two days after obama's visit in philly, president bush was in town. he was even waving at us. the white thing in the car are his gloves.

every time i see the policemen it makes me laugh.

Mittwoch, Dezember 03, 2008

obama in philadelphia

yesterday, obama was in philly. i waited for him but then i had to work - so i missed him.

people waiting for him

closed streets

Mittwoch, November 19, 2008

choconet goes philadelphia

very soon!

Sonntag, November 09, 2008


Freitag, Oktober 31, 2008

Mittwoch, Oktober 29, 2008

brown and white

while it's snowing outside the first time, i'm having my wednesday afternoon chocolate cake. have a nice evening everyone!

Dienstag, Oktober 14, 2008

blog abstinence

the reason for my blog abstinence during the last weeks is my second blog. since september i have a kind of business blog which i won't link here as it is in german. this new blog and other activities consume a lot of time. but stay tuned... more is coming up.

Montag, Oktober 13, 2008

windy fall

we had a wonderful kite festival at the weekend.

Mittwoch, September 10, 2008


last week a week i saw "once" (wiki) - an irish film from 2007, which i highly recommend (especially for women). watch the trailer if you're interested.
...and now i have this earworm which got stuck in my head. the song ("falling slowly") even got an oscar.

click for another song ("lies")
click for "if you want me"

Dienstag, September 09, 2008

leipziger messe

on friday, i went to a gourmet trade fair in leipzig (to taste the latest chocolate). this is how it looked like from the outside. more infos about leipzig trade fair.

Freitag, August 29, 2008

tiefurt - a very nice place

tiefurt, near weimar

there were many more funny boats (see below).

banana boat

Samstag, August 23, 2008

my yearbook :)

choconet's yearbook

1962 1966 1968

create your own yearbook
what about you, sarawu? do you want to show me your yearbook?

see you at the library next week

the day suddenly got better when i noticed that during two hours work in the library on a saturday i can achieve more than during the whole week.


when you leave your house in the morning and meet someone you don't like, then your whole day is ruined.

Donnerstag, August 21, 2008


dresden - one of the most beautiful cities of germany

Mittwoch, August 20, 2008


Montag, August 18, 2008

summer joys

i'm happy to live somewhere where there are still (clean) lakes where nobody else swims but you.

Sonntag, August 17, 2008

Samstag, August 16, 2008

flickr alternative

thinking about leaving flickr? i always thought about joining flickr but censorship, limited upload and the compulsory yahoo email scared me away.
ipernity might be an alternative.
ipernity (wiki-link) is THE platform for photos which grew very quickly during the last months.
it has nearly the same layout as flickr but more features. examples:

  • upload of mp3s
  • rss-feeds
  • blogs
  • ...
  • an import of all flickr-photos (with title, description, ...) is possible

so to say it's a better copy of flickr. i'll keep an eye on it and then see if i join.

Mittwoch, August 13, 2008