Freitag, August 29, 2008

tiefurt - a very nice place

tiefurt, near weimar

there were many more funny boats (see below).

banana boat

Samstag, August 23, 2008

my yearbook :)

choconet's yearbook

1962 1966 1968

create your own yearbook
what about you, sarawu? do you want to show me your yearbook?

see you at the library next week

the day suddenly got better when i noticed that during two hours work in the library on a saturday i can achieve more than during the whole week.


when you leave your house in the morning and meet someone you don't like, then your whole day is ruined.

Donnerstag, August 21, 2008


dresden - one of the most beautiful cities of germany

Mittwoch, August 20, 2008


Montag, August 18, 2008

summer joys

i'm happy to live somewhere where there are still (clean) lakes where nobody else swims but you.

Sonntag, August 17, 2008

Samstag, August 16, 2008

flickr alternative

thinking about leaving flickr? i always thought about joining flickr but censorship, limited upload and the compulsory yahoo email scared me away.
ipernity might be an alternative.
ipernity (wiki-link) is THE platform for photos which grew very quickly during the last months.
it has nearly the same layout as flickr but more features. examples:

  • upload of mp3s
  • rss-feeds
  • blogs
  • ...
  • an import of all flickr-photos (with title, description, ...) is possible

so to say it's a better copy of flickr. i'll keep an eye on it and then see if i join.

Mittwoch, August 13, 2008


Sonntag, August 10, 2008


Mittwoch, August 06, 2008


Montag, August 04, 2008

6 weeks

i've got less than 6 weeks till my project has to be ready. it's like a pre-study for my ma-thesis and comprises about 60 pages (so far not one single page has been written).
i need to start NOW!

Sonntag, August 03, 2008

door handle breakdown

the door handle of my car needed to be fixed (due to overuse? :)edit: now after 5 days i untaped it