Sonntag, März 30, 2008

missing: one hour

spring forward, fall back

Donnerstag, März 27, 2008

about snow cats and missed rabbits

my daily activity

a rabbit's footprints (missed to photograph him)

the snowrabbitcat we built

choconet and big s. as snow figures

too bad - the snow is melting and so i guess it will be the last snowy days till october

Mittwoch, März 26, 2008


Sonntag, März 23, 2008

easter sunday

easter sunday = sledging daychoconet's perspective (the queen's perspective)

Freitag, März 21, 2008

happy easter

happy easter! have great holidays!

Donnerstag, März 20, 2008

easter time in snow

well, i'm not sure if the children get their easter presents here in germany this year. i guess that some easter bunnies will get stuck in snow...

not possible

i'd like to sell my car on ebay but therefore i have to take photos and these are hardly possible when the weather thinks it's winter again.
i'm too lazy to get the snow off my car just to take a few photos for a few seconds

one more

and one more photo which focuses on the background so tht you can see the snow falling

snow crocus II

one day later it looks like that

Mittwoch, März 19, 2008

snow crocus

[click to enlarge]

choconet in white

since yesterday evening it snowed with nearly no interruption. time for a white choconet logo in the dark.

Samstag, März 15, 2008

watching lost

choconet watching lost
lina watching and playing with lost

happy birthday, mr. houten

the dutch coenraad johannes van houten was born on the 15th march 1801. the pharmacist and chemist (his parents were chocolate factory owners in amsterdam) is, together with is father, known for being the creator of the cocoa powder. thank you so much, mr. houton, and happy birthday!

leaf smile

why did not one single person see that the picture below shows a leaf smile?

Dienstag, März 11, 2008


Montag, März 10, 2008

new year, new run

we had our first run in our area on sunday. big s. and my sister took part but choconet the chicken didn't. i'm just not in good shape. went jogging only twice this year. but i promise i'll do more workout in the near future - at least i will take part in a run in april and then more will follow.

and i have a new friend who will help me to overcome my laziness and who will give me more motivation.
beim 1. lauf für dieses jahr in unserer gegend war ich leider nur zuschauer. während meine schwester und big s. bei regen schwitzten, war ich nur für kindsbespaßung und fotografie zuständig. da ich bisher nur 2 mal joggen war, habe ich mich einfach nicht getraut. doch ich gelobe besserung und spätestens im april will ich auch für einen lauf antreten und weitere werden hoffentlich folgen. schließlich habe ich auch einen neuen freund namens ipod, der mir mehr motivation geben soll.