Mittwoch, Juni 27, 2007

Montag, Juni 25, 2007

7 things

long, long ago (feels like years) i was tagged by tina (i didn't forget you) to write down 7 things about me. i've seen it in other blogs with 10 things or even 100 things but 7 is alright.
here we go:
- i love chocolate ok, you should know that by now
- australia and antarctica are the continents i haven't travelled to yet
- i never take cold showers
- i wear contact lenses, i'm nearly blind
- i have no tv - can you believe that? i might be the only household in germany with no tv
- i'd like to learn an asian language (japanese or chinese)
- i nearly never go to bed before midnight
- i've never ironed my own clothes before - only for other people

i've seen it in nearly all blogs, but (if my memory doesn't fail me) not in sarawu's blog. sarawu, you're tagged!

what the world eats

TIME presents dinner tables in fifteen different countries. do you feel represented?

Freitag, Juni 22, 2007

linguistic genius

in about two hours i will meet geoff leech (lancaster university, england)!

Donnerstag, Juni 21, 2007


i have hayfever. and i hate it.

Mittwoch, Juni 20, 2007

wordless wednesday

strawberries - freshly picked from the fields by choconet wordless wednesday

anyone out there who doesn't love strawberries?

gibt es eigentlich jemanden, der keine erdbeeren mag?

Dienstag, Juni 19, 2007

the colours of my balcony

are predominantly white, blue and green. here and here you had a first insight into my balcony and now i'd like to show you something else. in my opinion, it's typically german to have red geranium in your balcony boxes. i so think that this is rather old-fashioned that's why i planted e.g. forget-me-not (funny, if you translate it into german it means the same "vergissmeinnicht").

(a poor little buxus sempervirens)

(a still small but more majestic buxus)

[edit]: googelt weiß, blau, grün (white, blue, green) and found this german homepage which says that white, blue, green in that order means honesty. :)


Freitag, Juni 15, 2007

too good

my belly is filled with popcorn after watching ocean's thirteen but before i go offline (because of all the lightnings outside) i'd like to show you the solution to my question.
thanks for all the responses. you guys are sooooo good. yes, it's a box for keeping your banana safe when you're at work or somewhere else so that it doesn't get squashed.

well stacy, it's also a suitable form for a phone. let's suggest it to some designers!
and beaman, yeah, a toy for monkeys would also be possible.

Mittwoch, Juni 13, 2007

wordless wednesdsay

guess what's that?!

na, was könnte das hier wohl sein?

Freitag, Juni 08, 2007


i love animals and i'd like to have a dog if i would live in a house in the countryside. but
a) i have no money for a dog
b) i live in a flat
c) i live in a city
and i just hate it when all green areas in the city, which are actually for the stressed city-people, are full with dog sh*. ok, accept it.

i can understand elderly people who have lost their partner and want somebody to live with them. they buy a dog. ok, accept it.
now my neighbours bought a dog (they are young!) although it's forbidden in our flats to have a dog. ok, accept it.
that dog is still so small that he sometimes comes through the small chink which is between our balconies. ok, accept it.
but today he came through the chink again and sh* on our balcony! not ok!
why can't those ignorant affluent-industrialized-nation-people (i am including myself here) put their money into something else than a dog? with that money they could feed a child somewhere else...

Dienstag, Juni 05, 2007

my day

no digital photos before 2004

5th June 2004, choconet in prague, czech republic
choconet's presents

sorry, no photos from 2005
choconet spent the day in a german theme park

5th june 2006, peak district, england
choconet's presents

choconet eating chocolate cake

Freitag, Juni 01, 2007


today is "kindertag" meaning "children's day". and as somehow everyone is a child, all of us can celebrate it.
so happy children's day to all of you!

did you know that turkey was the first country to introduce such a day in 1920 (under the rule of atatürk)?

well, anyhow there should be a children's day in every country:

- in china + the usa it's also the 1st june
- in brasil: 12th october
- in india: 14th november
- in south korea and japan: 5th may
- in turkey: 23rd april
and the other countries? let me know if you have additional information, i would be interested in that.
and children (independent of age) - don't forget to eat lots of chocolate (e.g. the german kinder chocolate which i think is available all over the world).

or rather don't buy chocolate and instead donate the money to suffering children in poor countries!

alles gute zum heutigen kindertag allen kleinen und großen kindern!