Samstag, August 16, 2008

flickr alternative

thinking about leaving flickr? i always thought about joining flickr but censorship, limited upload and the compulsory yahoo email scared me away.
ipernity might be an alternative.
ipernity (wiki-link) is THE platform for photos which grew very quickly during the last months.
it has nearly the same layout as flickr but more features. examples:

  • upload of mp3s
  • rss-feeds
  • blogs
  • ...
  • an import of all flickr-photos (with title, description, ...) is possible

so to say it's a better copy of flickr. i'll keep an eye on it and then see if i join.

1 Kommentar:

daisies hat gesagt…

i love flickr but i joined years ago before it was bought up by yahoo ... still, even with the compulsory yahoo email, it is just fine : )

i have a pro account and i have never exceeded the upload limits and i upload full size :)